Ring Sizing Explained. What's the difference between 'Leading Edge' and 'Centre'?

Unfortunately when it comes to ring sizing the industry doesn't conform to one system, yes in the UK we all the use the alphabet but what I mean is how that size is interpreted. When a ring is placed on a sizing stick it might fall exactly in the middle of a size, this would be referred to as 'Center'. When a ring falls against the line of the size it is termed 'Leading Edge'. The difference in size is very minor between either but can make a small difference when it is on your hand.

The best way to ascertain a finger size is to have your finger measured by a jeweller. You could also have a ring measured that you regularly wear on that finger, one that you know is already a good fit for you. The fit should be such that the ring needs a real wiggle to come off the finger. A good time to size your finger is when you are cold as this will take into account the smallest your fingers could be at any given time of day.

Ring Sizing Centre

Ring Sizing Leading Edge