Information about Platinum

Platinum is a very pure metal bearing the '950' mark (95%). Other alloyed Platinum products can also bear purity marks 999, 950, 900, 850. Platinum only contains a small amount of alloyed metals, as it is already very hard wearing and durable, making it perfect for rings. Commonly regarded as the most prestigious metal, and most expensive, it feels much denser than Gold. Platinum is also naturally white instead of yellow, making it an ideal choice if you want a brighter whiter metal compared to white Gold. Platinum is the only common jewellery metal that can be welded meaning that there would be no visible seam/solder line in most cases.

Platinum Hallmark

The Assay Office Platinum '950' mark

A Typical Alloy Mix:

Platinum 95% & Ruthenium 5% (For Casting)

Platinum 95% & Iridium 5% (For Hand Work)

Where does it come from?

Platinum is most commonly mined in South Africa and Russia, although deposits are found in many other places. It can be found in artefacts as far back as 700 BC, and is the rarest of all precious metals. It wasn't until the 1800's that the metal could be refined and used, up until this point the metal was a pest to gold miners who were puzzled by it.

I recommend Platinum as an excellent material for wedding and engagement rings.

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