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Antique Dated 1888 Memento Mori Mourning Ring Gold with Black Enamel & Pearl

Antique Dated 1888 Memento Mori Mourning Ring Gold with Black Enamel & Pearl

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Ruben König Jewellery presents this important Momento Mori ring dated by its hallmark as 1888 Chester, UK. The piece features 5 grain set half pearls in a line surrounded by a black enamel border. The piece originally would have had hair woven into the gaps but it was missing when we acquired it so we have had it professionally restored and filled these gaps with Black (cold) enamel. The piece looks fantastic and is ready for its next owner.

Please read the whole description to help you get a better understanding of this fantastic piece.

Key Points about this item:

•  Metal: 9ct Yellow Gold
•  Markings:
   •  Full UK Hallmark visible inside the band
   •  '375' Marking for purity
   •  Rarer Chester Hallmark
   •  Date letter 'E' for 1888
•  Dimensions: 6.7mm at the front on top of a band that measures 4.7mm wide.
•  Height/wall thickness: 2.6mm off the finger at the front and 1.0mm at the back
•  Centre Stone: Freshwater 1/2 Pearls
   •  Quantity: 5
   •  Stone colour: Off White
   •  Measurement: 2.5mm
   •  Setting Type: Grain/claw set

•  Age of piece: c.1888 hallmark
•  Weight: 2.4g
•  Finger size: M 1/2 (UK) centre or 6.5 (USA)
    *Finger size of this piece cannot be altered.
•  Finish: Polished

•  Overall condition: RESTORED. I have had the piece professionally restored by a specialist enameller. They have used a Cold Enamel on the piece and it looks fantastic. Please note this is a collector's item and not an everyday piece. It should be worn with care as it is 132 years old! We have put it back to (as best we can) its former glory.

What we love about this piece:

♡  Original Antique Mourning ring

♡  Nicely restored and ready to wear

  1888 Hallmark

  Free UK Postage

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