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Opera Length Freshwater Pearl & Angelite Necklace Endless 47"

Opera Length Freshwater Pearl & Angelite Necklace Endless 47"

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A lovely row of Round Baroque Style Freshwater Pearls, every 4 Pearls are accented with 8mm Round Angelite (Anhydrite) Pastel Blue Beads. This Necklace is a total of 47" long and can be doubled up and put over you head, just. An unusual necklace with a distinctly Vintage/Antique feel.

Freshwater Pearls are one of natures greatest bargains. These Pearls are known as 'Opera Length' as they were popular to wear at the Theatre and Opera! Angelite on the other hand, which is technically Anhydrite, is a relatively new Gemstone discovery - first found in 1987 in Peru.

•  Metal: N/A
•  Approx. weight: 124g
•  Dimensions: 8-8.5mm each
•  Necklace Length: 120cm / 47"
•  Stone Type: Freshwater Pearls & Angelite
•  Stone Cut: Round & Freefrom / Barqoue 
•  Stone colour: Natural Colour Pearls and Pastel Blue
•  New Manufacture
•  Finish: Polished

What we love about this piece:

♡  Pearls with Pastel Blue Angelite Detail

  Beautiful Organic Round Barqoue shapes

  No catch to fiddle with, they go straight over the head!

  Summery Feel

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