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Ruby Rondelle Bead Necklace 18"

Ruby Rondelle Bead Necklace 18"

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A lovely row of Ruby Beads in Rondelle shapes. These beads taper in size, biggest at the front and smallest at the back, strung to a typical length of 18". Bright mixed Red and Pink Hues, these are Natural Rubies which are commonly heated to bring out the colour. They are not glass filled!

•  Metal: Silver 925
•  Approx. weight: 22g
•  Dimensions: 6.2-4.3mm each Tapering towards back
•  Necklace Length: 18"
•  Stone Type: Ruby
•  Stone Cut: Round Rondelles (Smooth Round Beads)
•  Stone colour: Red & Pink Hues (Natural, Heated)
•  New Manufacture
•  Finish: Polished

What we love about this piece:

♡  Nice quality beads that taper in size

  Beautiful Red and Pink Hues

  Our most popular length at 18"

  Summery Feel

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