Bespoke Jewellery

With Ruben König's Bespoke Design and Manufacture Service you're able to create the piece you've always dreamt of. We have extensive experience in creating one off made to order pieces. Using only the best wax carvers, mount makers, Goldsmiths, Setters and Finishers, we have an expert team on hand to meet even the most demanding briefs.

"Not all Jewellery is created equally"

A good starting place is to send through some images of pieces you like, we can then produce some sketches for you. As a Diamond Gemmologist we are on hand to offer advice on Diamonds (colour, clarity, cut, carat), and can explain any confusing terms. There is no obligation to go ahead with a design or quote, but it is good to have a budget in mind. Lead times for pieces vary depending on complexity, please let me know if you have a date something is required for.


Emily bought this stone loose many years ago because she fell in love with the vibrant colour this Chrome Tourmaline produces. It is a highly unusual mixed cut of stone as it is much longer than a normal baguette cut, a ring had to be designed around the stone. She showed us what sort of thing was after and we came up with this contemporary design, cast into 9ct Yellow Gold and brightly polished.


Sandy and her daughter Ella found these stones together on Brighton beach as pebbles. They wanted a matching pair of rings, one each, that featured these sentimental stones. This was a challenging job as cutting stones like this can be very difficult. This is because stones like this, Agate, have a complicated crystal structure and can sometimes be hollow in the middle. We managed to get these stones cut to size by one of our stone cutters (a lapidary specialist). Once this had been done we made up two identical rings that would take a Round Double Bevel Flat top stone of 10mm, such as the ones we had cut.

CASE STUDY 3 : Nina's Ring

Nina contacted us after she wanted an engagement ring designing to a specific brief. She showed us a lot of images as inspiration and told us what she liked and disliked about each design. We then found something that worked within her budget using interesting stone types. We sourced an Emerald Rose Cut, which is an unusual mixed cut, they have their origins as far back as the 15th Century. The finished piece was made in 9ct White Gold with no plating, giving a creamy off-white colour that blends with the stones. The ring has a heavy Art Deco influence and the cut of stones combine typical Baguette cuts from that era with bar settings.



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