CAD Design

There are some designs that traditional production methods are too costly or difficult for, this is where my CAD design experience can help. As can be seen below it is possible to take a sketch to a rendered CAD model producing a photo real image of the piece. From this CAD model a Wax item can then be produced and used for a 'lost wax' casting method to produce the piece in your metal of choice.

"A well designed and thought out piece should stand the test of time"

Please note that in most cases a more traditional approach is used for design and manufacture, which usually consists of a silver 'master' item being made or a Wax model, both of which can be used to cast into your metal of choice. A good starting place is to send through some images of pieces you like, I can then produce some sketches for you. There is no obligation to go ahead with a design or quote, but it is good to have a budget in mind. Lead times for pieces vary depending on complexity, especially with CAD jobs.

The images show a basic concept sketch using a round faceted stone, you can then see the next model as a CAD outline, each piece is carefully thought out to accommodate the width and depth of the stone, and make sure that the band is robust enough to withstand daily wear. The final image shows a 'render', this is a photo like image of the finished piece.

CASE STUDY 1 : Nina's Ring

Nina contacted us after she wanted an engagement ring designing to a specific brief. She showed us a lot of images as inspiration and told us what she liked and disliked about each design. We then found something that worked within her budget using interesting stone types. We sourced an Emerald Rose Cut, which is an unusual mixed cut, they have their origins as far back as the 15th Century. The finished piece was made in 9ct White Gold with no plating, giving a creamy off-white colour that blends with the stones. The ring has a heavy Art Deco influence and the cut of stones combine typical Baguette cuts from that era with bar settings.