Frequently Asked Questions


Can these items be sized to fit me?

Most rings in my shop can be resized. To be sure about this, please check the drop down menu for finger size, or send me a message. When some pieces are sized, a very faint line may be seen in some cases where we have had to rejoin the metal. Generally speaking this is not so visible as the piece is polished afterwards.

How do I find out my finger size?

To make sure that your finger size is correct, I would advise going to two or three local independent jewellers to have your finger measured. Bear in mind your finger size can vary between hot & cold environments. You can buy kits online to size yourself, however, I would recommend going into a shop to try some rings on and have your finger sized by a professional. Depending on what country you are in, sizes are given in different dimensions, such as in the UK we work on an Alphabetised system, whereas in europe and the USA they work on different numerical systems.  If you are in doubt about how to convert your size please contact me.

Are these Gemstones of Natural Origin? Conflict Free?

I only use Natural Earth Mined Gemstones. These stones have been formed and created by Mother Nature, not grown in a laboratory. All items of new manufacture contain gemstones from reputable sources, not involved in funding conflict. Many online deals that seem too good to be true generally are. This can be down to the sneaky wording in some item descriptions. You need to read all descriptions carefully to find out if this is the case. Terms like 'Lab Created' or 'Synthetic' mean that the stone is NOT of natural origin. Some shops may not even tell you the gemstone is synthetic, but again, if the item is too cheap - this might be a give away.

Are these Gemstones Colour Treated?

Some gemstones, such as Rubies/Sapphires are heat treated to intensify the colour. This is sometimes known as 'an extension of nature'. Where impurities in the stones such as Titanium & Iron make Sapphires Blue, or, Chromium & Iron make Rubies Red, the heat treatment can make these colours brighter. This is fairly commonplace in the jewellery industry and unless you see the term 'Natural Colour', you can assume that the stone has had some form of colour enhancement. However it is important to note that these gems have still been Earth Mined and are NATURAL gemstones (not Synthetic or Laboratory Created). Diamonds can also be treated to enhance colour as certain coloured diamonds in nature are exceptionally rare.

Are these Gemstones Clarity Enhanced or Treated?

Absolutely not, I never use any gemstones that have been Clarity enhanced.

...What does this mean exactly?

Coloured Gemstones that have been enhanced for clarity (treated) are basically stones that have surface reaching inclusions that have been filled with coloured glass or resin to seal up these fractures. To the untrained eye, these treatments are impossible to detect, but all they are doing are holding the stone together. If it is put through an ultrasonic cleaning machine these 'fillings' might come out and the stone could fall apart. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds can be either Fracture Filled or Laser Drilled (or both). Fracture (glass) filled diamonds have the same risks as mentioned above. These stones are cheap for a reason.

Can we make a variation on this piece?

If you like what you see but it's not quite perfect, why not get in touch by sending me a message to enquire about a bespoke piece.

Does my item come with a Guarantee?

New wedding bands are unlikely to suffer any problems, they are manufactured from a good guage material and should last a lifetime. Vintage and pre-owned pieces (or types of gemstone) may not be suitable for everyday wear, please read the item description carefully. People wear their jewellery differently, for instance mechanics or people who are heavy handed day to day will need a harder wearing material, other causes of damage to jewellery can be frequent metal on metal contact such as public transport, door handles and metal gear knobs. In an instance where a claw has been lifted, this is commonly caused by fibres of clothing. Problems with jewellery tend to occur through wear and caution should be taken with older pieces.