Jewellery Remodelling - Melted gold turned into a bangle


This jewellery remodelling project involved no gemstones and just metal, however 3 colours of gold were involved (Yellow, White and Rose Gold). We separated the White gold band from the Rose gold band. Melted all the yellow together including the old bangle you see in the image which was very flimsy. We then drew this down into 'wire'. This wire was turned up into a bangle by hand. The White and Rose gold bands were made into four little rings that attached onto the bangle but were free to move. The finished piece was brightly polished.

 Old Gold melted to be reused


 Bangle made from re-used Gold
"Ruben made me a lovely , very pretty gold bangle with some gold I already had . He was very friendly and easy to work with , helped with ideas and it was exactly what I had wanted and we had discussed. I am very pleased with it."

(Taken from 5* Google review)

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