Product Care

How can I clean my Gemstones & Jewellery at home?

With items set with stones, especially Diamonds, once worn things like soaps and hand-creams can stick to the back of the stones and make them look dull. You can gently clean these stones using a soft toothbrush, a pea sized amount of washing up liquid and a warm glass of water. Be very gentle with this process especially items that have fine claws, as the bristles can get stuck.

You won't be able to bring your items back to a new bright polish without use of a polishing motor. However, You can buy polishing cloths for use at home on jewellery, I would recommend 'Town Talk Polishing Cloths' which can be purchased at some shops or online.

How do I care for Pearls, Opal, Amber & Coral?

Caring for Pearls, Opal, Amber & Coral can be tricky. This is because these materials are termed as 'Organic' and are not technically 'stones'. These materials can be Porous (absorb substances like water). For this reason, items set with Pearls or Opal should be removed when you wash your hands or take a shower. This is to ensure that the material looks the very best for the longest amount of time.

These Organic material types are also quite soft, meaning that they can scuff or abrade on the surfaces fairly easily. For this reason I do not tend to recommend organic materials for everyday wear.