Shaped Wedding Bands

Sometimes a conventional wedding band will not fit against your existing enagegment ring, fear not. It is possible to make a wedding around your engagement ring, one to compliment it. Generally speaking there two ways to make a fitted band, a custom shaped band achieved by making a wax model to follow the contour of your existing ring, or by taking a notch out of a wedding band, see below. To make a fitted band I will need your engagement ring for a period of 7-10 days (in most intances it is a lot sooner).
With Shaped wedding bands my usual lead time is 5-7 weeks. My metals are not plated, some highstreet jewellers typically plate their White Gold with a layer of Rhodium. This is usually to mask an alloy colour underneath. If your engagement ring is Rhodium plated, I can plate your wedding band to match if you wish.
If you would like diamonds set in your wedding band this is also possible. With a shaped stone set wedding band it is possible to set the stones in the same method as any in your existing ring (and of the same size & quality). Please also let me know if you might want to add stones at a later date, this way i can make sure the wall thickness is deep enough to accomodate stones.

My advice 

It is always a good idea to match metal types/purities, for instance if your engagement ring is 9ct Yellow Gold, it would be a good idea to go for a 9ct Yellow or Rose gold band. However, if your ring is Platinum or Palladium, commonly you will be told these can be worn together. It is true that they are both hard metals but they do wear differently, Platinum is much more dense than Palladium. The truth of the matter is any two rings when worn together will wear at one another, by matching the metals the wear on both rings is even. By making a shaped band the wear is minimised as there will be less friction on two rings when they lock/slot into one another.


Cut to fit band   Shaped wedding band