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0.40ct Round Brilliant Loose Diamond GIA Certificated M SI1 GIA Conflict Free

0.40ct Round Brilliant Loose Diamond GIA Certificated M SI1 GIA Conflict Free

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0.40ct Loose Diamond GIA Certificated

Shape: Round Brilliant

This listing is for a GIA certificated diamond that is a minimum of 0.40ct

This Loose Diamond is in stock and ready to dispatch.

The stone has a laser inscription on the girdle which matches the report for peace of mind and to prevent fraud. (this laser inscribed report number can also be checked online at the GIA website) Bear in mind a practiced eye is required with a 20x loupe to read an inscription. Do not expect to see it with the naked eye!

Please enquire for other types, cuts and weights of stones.

- Carat weight of 0.40ct
- Colour of M ' Faint Brown'
- Clarity of SI1.
- Cut of 'Good'
- Polish of 'Excellent'
- Symmetry of 'Very Good'
- Fluorescence: Strong Blue
- Report No. GIA 1279536912
- Conflict Free & Ethically Sourced

The Colour scale of Diamond ranges from Colourless to Yellow. The system is alphabetised and starts at 'D' (Exceptional white) running right down to 'Z' (Tinted colour), however there is a limit to different ranges. For instance, the colourless spectrum runs from D - G (Rare white). When the stone is colour 'H' Table up it will be colourless and table down you will see the faintest hint of colour, this can be hard to distinguish to the untrained eye. Small stones tend to be grouped into brackets such as G/H, as they are un-certificated they have to be given the colour they are graded as (G) and one below (H). Stones ranging from I - J colour are termed Slightly Tinted White and K-L Tinted White.

The Clarity of the stone refers to the relative freedom from inclusions, these are characteristics that can be seen within the stone that were there when the Diamond formed in nature up to 350 million years ago. Different factors determine a stones clarity grade for example; number of inclusions, size of inclusions, position, brightness and nature/type. The best stones are Flawless (F) and the "worst" are 'Included (I) or otherwise politely termed Pique (PK).

The Cut of the diamond is the lowest grade of; Proportions, Symmetry and Polish. A badly proportioned stone will not allow total internal reflection of light and will not be as bright (sparkle). There are excepted ranges of proportions and as long as the stone is within these it will look beautiful. Symmetry basically means how well all the facets (individual cuts) are aligned and Polish tells us how well the facets have been cut by polishing lines or burn marks.

Some stones fluoresce under Long Wave UV light. Since UV light is an integral part of daylight, a level of fluorescence within the stone can affect the colour of a stone or make its appearance more colourless when it is tined. The grading system runs from None down to Strong. Most diamonds tends to fluoresce blue under this light.

Carat is the weight of the stone. With a well cut stone the carat weight can give an estimate of size (mm). 1 carat is the equivalent of 0.2g. And with a well cut 1ct stone it should be 6.5mm diameter. This is considered a large stone. Some stones have a larger spread, what we mean by this is they have a larger surface area/diameter but will be shallow.

By buying your own loose diamond you can choose how to set it. For ideas browse the internet and I can offer you a quote to have it set how you like. I am a qualified Diamond Gemmologist with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and can answer any questions you might have regarding Diamonds.

Please contact me if you require a certain grade, size/weight or stone to fall within a certain budget.

For security and safe delivery reasons I may cancel an order if the address is noted as a restricted location by courier services, a form of ID may also be required on delivery. Please contact me if you are abroad or have any questions.
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